We couldn't find a Great Value Visitor Management System

....So, We Built Our Own!!

visitor management touch screen

Now Even Easier to Enjoy the Benefits!

15" Wall Mounted Commercial Touch Screen

Visitor - Staff - Pupil Management System

Just £7.50 a week!


Fully setup, easy plug and play system. We pride ourselves in designing bespoke welcome screens, your content & branding. Do more than Visitor Management:

An Easy Decision

  • GDPR Compliant
  • Great value
  • Plug & play (all set up by Eledigital)
  • Record visitors in/out
  • Record staff in/out (with auto time/date stamp)
  • Staff automatic DBS Check
  • Record pupil lates (Schools)
  • Evacuation lists (Printable or web browser viewable)
  • Email alerts (visitor arrival - optional)
  • Bespoke, branded & animated home screen
  • Quality commercial touch screens
  • Optional image capture & label creation
  • Display other content (income generation/promotions/about us)
  • Easy update schrolling banner
  • Fast/Easy 'swipe' in/out for staff (with mifare cards)
  • Show brochures/websites/products/services/3D tours & more...
  • Don't pay for expensive upgrades.
  • Not tied into lengthy contracts.

Some of our installations:

school visitor management

We create bespoke animated screens for your reception

  • Record In/Out
    Visitors, Staff & Pupils log themselves in & out without seeing other personal data.
  • Mifare & Paxton
    Use existing systems or purchase/setup with us for secure, easy login/out.
  • Picture Capture
    Capture photographs & print visitor labels with your logo from your computer.
  • Commercial
    All of our screens are designed for Commercial Digital Advertising use. Bright, clean screens 24/7 operation.


Press Start on our screen below to see an overview of the Visitor Management Screen

View an overview designed for a local school:

Our Screens

Our screens are designed for commercial use. We do not endorse using 'plugged in' domestic battery powered tablets. Mutiple options available including the unique wall mounted screen with automatic hand sanitiser.

LED Backlight

Improves brightness and contrast as well as improving their lifespan and reducing the power consumption. Mercury free technology. Lifespan of over 70,000 hours.

Power up/down

We program our screens to power themselves up and switch themselves off at provided times making them efficient and maintenance free.

Eledigital Touch Screens
Commercial Grade

Designed for use in commercial applications our screens can run 24/7. No external buttons or controls to avoid tampering.

Hand Sanitiser

Encourage all staff & visitors to use the built in automatic hand sanitiser when registering in.

Ideal solution for locations where hygiene is essential, including; residential homes, health centres, food preparation/consumption areas, laboratories & gyms


One stop shop for all of your touch screen, visitor management & staff ID

Eledigital Consumables

Pricing Table

Fully managed/updated by Eledigital with setup costs currently included price for a limited time. Below shown prices for 'not for profit organisations'. Hardware prices provided bespoke to your budget/requirements.

Save 20%




  • Welcome Screen
  • Visitor Management
  • Pupil Lates

Save 20%

Starter +



  • Starter +
  • Staff Registration
  • Swipe in/Staff Select

Save 20%

Screen & VMS



  • 15" Touch Screen
  • VMS System
  • + £50 System setup

Other Services

Innovation Through Creativity.

3D Tours
Interactive 3D Dimensional

3D Walkthroughs

Interactive Prospectus
Interactive Prospectus

With Audio & Video

Utilise Income Generation

Digital Advertising

Eledigtial Website
Eledigital Touch Screens

See Our Website


Proud to offer a personal, professional service:

Redgate Logo
Redgate Primary

Office Manager

"With the introduction of GDPR we were faced with removing our visitors book" "The system was tailored to our specific requirements and nothing was too much trouble to Kevin when it came to supply and installation of the product. I would recommend Kevin from Eledigital to any establishment looking for an easy solution to visitor management."

St Lukes Logo
St Lukes Primary

Office Manager

"The electronic signing in system is wonderful. It is very easy to use and has been voted 10/10 by parents, staff & visitors. No paperwork cluttering up desks & easy to monitor who is in school. The set up was easy & the support & training we received from Kev was excellent. A great improvement from the manual system that we did have. Every school should have one of these signing in systems. Thanks Kev for the idea, it is great."


We have a number of features that can be loaded onto your screen. Virtual Receptionist, Maps/plans/directions, Product Showcase, Digital Magazine, websites and more...

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